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Children’s Martial Arts: Developmental Benefits

At Seung-ni martial arts in Traverse City, the wide variety of martial arts and fitness classes allows for the whole family to get a great workout and learn something along the way. Some of the most beneficial classes in terms of development are the little ninjas (for 3-4 year olds) and little dragons (for 5-6 year olds). While all ages can learn fantastic skills in martial arts, the mental advantages are most beneficial for the young kids. As the classes are built around the fundamentals of listening and discipline, students will learn to listen respectively in a group setting similar to that of a classroom. Understanding the importance of eye contact and controlling the urges to jump around when it is time to sit, young students develop strong fundamental learning skills which are sure to spill into other parts of their lives. Comparable to sponges, young minds will soak up whatever behavior surrounds them; Seung-ni is a wonderful place for this to occur. An environment radiating with respect, hard work, and fun, parents are sure to see improvements in attitude and behavior if they stay commi