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Preschoolers Leap Forward in Little Ninjas!

Preschool aged boys and girls are typically limited to a small amount of activity in their schedule; they have school (perhaps not every day), they may have a nap, and they spend the rest of the day doing whatever they can with their parents or whoever is watching them. It's no secret that 3-4 year olds can be restless and need a lot of stimulation. An excellent solution to this is the Little Ninja program taught specifically for 3 and 4 year old children at Seung-Ni Martial Arts Academy.

Little Ninja classes do a lot to make sure a child stimulated and burning energy. Classes start with running and stretches and quickly move forward to drills that build hand-eye coordination and balance! The instructors will also work with the students in team building and socializing activities. After 30 minutes of time on the mats, Little Ninjas leave class with a lot less energy and lot more smiles!

Another thing that Little Ninjas class is great for is teaching life skills to the young ones. The patient black belt instructors spend a few minutes in each class talking with the students about something important; anything from listening to parents, cleaning up toys, sleeping in their own bed, or not using kicks and punches on friends. Ninja class teaches important age appropriate lessons as well as having the kids be able to socialize with other students in a safe and fun learning environment.

Little Ninja classes are available year round at Seung-Ni in Traverse City. Feel free to call (231) 932-4300 or visit our website for more information.

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