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Teen Taekwondo: Benefits of Live Training

At Seung-ni martial arts kid and teen taekwondo classes create a foundation of understanding in the art of kicking and punching. Learning the technique for a variety of strikes with both the feet and hands, students in the taekwondo classes can begin to implement their skills in safe and useful live training. Sparring, the live training tool used at Seung-ni begins to show students just how effective they can be with the skills they have learned. As taekwondo is an art form of defense, sparring requires watchful eyes and quick reactions which are honed with practice. At Seung-ni all students who participate in sparring wear protective head, chest, arm, and shin protectors to ensure a safe and effective training session. More than just a great workout and a fun drill, sparring further increases every kid and teens knowledge of the techniques they have been taught. Being able to put together unique combinations and be creative with their style, sparring gives students an even greater identity as a martial artist and is sure to improve their confidence. The most important benefit of sparring is the real life situations which it translates to. While striking against bags and paddles is wonderful practice, training with another person is even more beneficial and in the real world, the opponent will most likely strike back. Whether it is defending themselves or a friend or simply a stranger getting picked on, a student who has sparred in class will have the confidence to stand up to the oppressor in real life, regardless of whether or not it will result in a physical altercation. All in all, teen and kid sparring is a tremendous way for students to improve their understanding and ability and is an extremely fun and safe exercise at Seung-ni martial arts.

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