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TKD Sport Team
TKD Sport Team
Make Taekwondo
Your Kid's Sport 

● The Olympic TKD Sport Competition Team is for those young combat athletes who wish to make Olympic Taekwondo their competitive sport! Learn, train, practice, spar, bumps/bruises, toughen up, travel, compete, some losses, more practice, more tournaments, more resiliency, some wins, reflect, dig back in, repeat - begin the journey.  Doing tough things makes tough kids!


● Open to Seung-ni Academy Members ages 9 and up regardless of belt or experience level.  Team Member practice sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5:15-6:05pm and Saturdays from 1:00-1:50pm.  In the practice sessions Team Members will work on mastering sparring techniques, developing explosive physical power & cardio conditioning, increasing flexibility, and learning the rules & strategy of successful TKD sports competition.  In addition, Team Members will practice the required Taekwondo forms to continue promoting up thru the belt ranks to black belt. 


● Class Times for Sport Competition Team:

Tuesday           5:15 – 6:05 pm

Thursday         5:15 – 6:05 pm

Saturday          1:00 – 1:50 pm




3 Sport Team Sessions Per Week

$117.00 / month

● TKD Uniform



*Required Sparring Safety Gear can be purchased directly from several recommended websites / vendors to ensure that it is World Taekwondo Federation approved safety gear for tournaments (please see Master Dan for specific details)

Approx $197.00 for complete set of gear

● Chest Guard

● Foot & Forearm Guards

● Headgear, Mouth Guard & Groin Protector

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