Traverse City Child Birthday Parties – Nerf Battles & Martial Arts Themes Are A Hit With The Kid

Kids birthday party ideas for Traverse City and Northern Michigan are a little sparse. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City, kids are falling in love with each and every birthday party we host. Even the birthday guests at the Seung-ni parties can be heard to often say “this is the best party ever!” Moms and dads are always looking for new and fun birthday party ideas and there just is not many to pick from – until now. Seung-ni Traverse City birthday parties have been wowing the birthday kids, their friends and even the parents for years.

A Traverse City birthday party for a child needs to be affordable, fun, easy and convenient. Seung-ni unique birthday party themes fit every one of those essential requirements:

  1. FUN: there is a right birthday party theme for every age and interest. The Martial Arts themed birthday party is perfect for Traverse City children ages 3-6. The birthday boy or girl gets to be the center of the martial arts show. They get to demonstrate first all the cool karate moves and even get to break real wood boards for their friend’s amazement. The Nerf Battle party theme is great for Traverse City kids ages 6-12. The martial arts gym is set up like a battlefield and we have all the gear (latest Nerf machine guns, 1000’s of velcro tipped nerf darts, velcro vests and safety goggles) so the birthday party will be a hit. The birthday guests will have a blast playing games like “last soldier standing” – “sharp shooter” & “capture the flag.” For the teens we do a Dodge Ball theme birthday party. The Traverse City teens love the old school dodge ball games and variations.

  2. EASY: the Seung-ni staff will have all the tables and chairs set up for you, do all the clean-up and will run the party. The birthday parties are perfect for right around 12 guests (a few more is okay). All you need to do is bring the birthday cake and refreshments. The birthday parties are held at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on three mile road in Traverse City. We have plenty of parking and are easy to get to – located between South Airport and Hammond.

  3. CONVENTIENT: the birthday parties are easy to schedule. We usually book them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – or whenever the gyms are available. Just call 932-4300 to get more info or book your Traverse City birthday party today. We do get busy so try and schedule your birthday party early so you can get a spot. You do not need to be a student of Seung-ni Traverse City to have a birthday party here.

  4. AFFORDABLE: the birthday parties at Seung-ni cost only $125.00 and you can pay by check, cash or credit card. And, for those looking to fill birthday-guest gift bags we supply a free week of martial arts classes and a free uniform coupon for every birthday guest (a real coupon – 100% no obligation and no pressure).

Traverse City birthday party ideas for kids just got easy. Seung-ni Martial Arts, Nerf Battle and Dodge Ball parties will be a hit for your birthday child and their Traverse City friends.