Find the best choice for your child's next birthday party!

Finding an idea for a children's birthday party in Northern Michigan can be a bit of a chore. Most of the big party options are during winter with tubing and sledding or the indoor water parks and other year-round options such as bowling or laser tag. While these are good choices many kids have had these as their own party or gone to them for somebody else's party and may have grown tired of them. At Seung-ni we offer a few out of the box birthday party options at our location in Traverse City so that kids can have fun and parents don't have to worry about the hassle of cleaning up or planning!

The first two party options we offer are our Martial Arts and Ninja Warrior parties. The Martial Arts option will have one of our instructors run the kids through a variety of basic martial arts techniques and fun martial arts games! We even have foam swords and targets as well as suction-cup throwing stars! The Ninja Warrior choice will have the gym transformed into a large obstacle course with some of the same obstacles from the actual Ninja Warrior challenge! The kids will get a chance to run through the course before being being timed to see how fast they can complete it.

Our final option for birthday parties is our Nerf Battle. The Gym will be changed into a mock battlefield and each partygoer will be given a set of goggles and a Nerf blaster. Then it's go time! With no shortage of darts or blasters to choose from the kids will have plenty of options to play with as well as a lot of cover to hide behind as they battle (and burn energy!) for 50 minutes!

One of the draws of having a birthday party at Seung-ni is that while the party is for your kid the mess is not for you. Lots of parents will talk about how they want to have Nerf parties but don't want to deal with the logistics of getting the gear and definitely don't want the cleanup. Here, we will take care of all that; setting up, running, and cleaning up after the party!