Benefits of Traverse City Tai chi Classes

The benefits of Traverse City Tai chi classes are numerous. Tai chi students in Traverse City, Michigan practice the ancient Chinese martial art for same reasons millions do around the world. Tai chi is a unique discipline that changed the way health and fitness professionals view martial arts. Traverse City Tai chi training does not involve breaking boards, and loud yelling and punching a bag. Instead, Tai chi is a smooth, gentle style that can be practiced by almost anyone at any age and level of fitness and strength.

Master Kyle Scott, the certified head Tai chi instructor at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy, located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan reveals the significant benefits that can be obtained from learning and doing Tai chi on a regular basis:

1) Balance. Balance is a key component of Tai chi. And you don't need great balance to begin Tai chi -- Tai chi instills great balance. The movements of Tai chi are beautiful to behold. Circular, flowing and artistic. But they require one legged directions turns. Pivots to 90 and 180 and even 270 degrees. Performing slow motion kicks. They Tai chi movements create a strong gate, great awareness of the ground and super balance.

2) Strength. Building power in legs, arms and the core is woven through ever movement of Tai chi mentions Master Scott. Having practiced many challenging martial arts for almost two decades, he is always impressed how the Tai chi training he does with his Traverse City class results in stronger students. Tai chi makes climbing stairs easier, getting in and out of cars doable, performing house hold chores enjoyable.

3) Stress Release. Its funny, stress is present in every stage of our life. You cannot escape it. But practicing Tai chi consistently does wonders in giving new perspective to life's challenges and has a cathartic effect in minimizing stress. Suzette P., (age 58) a long time resident of Traverse City and a Tai chi student of Master Scott notes that "after her Tai chi classes she feels more relaxed, at peace and centered."

4) Reduces Joint and Body Pain. A body needs to remain active to stay healthy. Every doctor says this. Every fitness expert states this. Every individual has experienced it first hand. But with conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia -- the pain and discomfort makes it challenging to exercise like we should. Tai chi is so easy to learn, kind on the body and therapeutic that it can not only help to lessen the effect of such conditions but can even improve them greatly.

Tai chi is not a cure all explains Master Scott. He states his regular Tai chi students in Traverse City who love it and enjoy all the benefits have to be consistent and have to put forth the effort. But he says the friendships among his Tai chi class he believes is the untold secret to why they hardly ever miss - "they make great friends and look forward to socializing and bantering with their Tai chi buddies."

If you would like to take a Tai chi class or would like more info, give Master Scott a call at 231-932-4300 or check out all the info on the Tai chi page on the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy website today.