Traverse City Tai Chi Is Right For Everyone...

Traverse City Tai Chi is great because it is well suited for virtually everyone. We want better fitness. We want improved balance. We want to stay active. Tai Chi classes in Traverse City offer all those significant benefits and more.

Tai Chi is a flowing martial art system that is non-impact, easy to learn and fun to do. Because of its unique nature, Tai Chi is an art form that anyone can start. Often excuses for beginning an exercise regime for people living in Traverse City include -- I'm too old, I'm too out of shape, I don't want to look silly, It's will be too difficult. None of those excuses apply to Tai Chi. Tai Chi is practiced by all types of individuals in Traverse City. At the Seung-ni Tai Chi Academy students of all ages and experience train and love Tai Chi.

Senior citizens are a perfect fit for Tai Chi. Many seniors are more sedentary than they would like and may struggle with challenges of balance, coordination and movement. The beauty of Tai Chi is that it is considered by many experts to be the #1 exercise undertaking to improve these essential areas of health and wellness.

Many Traverse City residents are living every day dealing with chronic conditions such as arthritis, MS, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc. Harvard Medical School, among other leading authorities, have done exhaustive research and found that Tai Chi is effective in improving the lives of those living with these conditions.

Tai Chi is cool because young and old can take it up. Commonly Tai Chi students are over 100 years old and still rocking Tai Chi. And Traverse City Tai Chi classes often contain students in their 30's, 40's, 50's and up. That a martial art can be so effective and attractive to such a wide span of people is impressive.

Tai Chi classes in Traverse City are also valuable because the students of Tai Chi just don't get a great workout they also build social bonds and powerful friendships. For instance, Harold and Thomas met at a Tai Chi class in Traverse City several years ago and part of that friendship and camaraderie is what makes them both disciplined to barely miss a class at the Seung-ni Tai Chi Academy.

Do your research, talk to your physical therapist, speak with your doctor, visit with a friend who has experienced the benefits of Tai Chi first hand ... and when you are ready to start your Tai Chi journey please call us at 231.932.4300 and come see for yourself what Tai Chi in Traverse City is all about.