Traverse City Tai Chi

Traverse City Tai Chi is coming on strong. Traverse City Tai Chi makes sense for all the right reasons. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that has gentle, sweeping movements that flow from one technique to the next. Tai Chi has been practiced for hundreds of years and is the most researched martial art in the world. Renowned for its positive health and fitness benefits, Tai Chi is here to stay.

Traverse City Tai Chi is unique compared to other martial arts because its premise and philosophy and practice allows for anyone to learn of any age and fitness ability. Tai Chi training is challenging and fun in all the correct ways. And, because it is not rigid and hard their is almost no risk of injury and its non-competitive.

If you live in Traverse City and want better balance -- then try Tai Chi.

If you live in Traverse City and want to reduce your stress - then try Tai Chi.

If you live in Traverse City and want to improve your strength - then try Tai Chi.

If you live in Traverse City and want to increase your flexibility and suppleness - then try Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has been studied thousands of times. And Tai Chi has been found to help those suffering from arthritis to Parkinson's and from multiple sclerosis to heart disease and even PTSD. Why is Traverse City Tai Chi so powerful? Because it is the perfect mind and body exercise. As you are learning the cool (easy to master) movements with fun names your body is improving, your mind is improving and so is your mood. And, Tai Chi is so gentle and smooth that there is no age limit or physical ability requirements. People practice Tai Chi easily into their 100's and those restricted by wheel chairs and canes and walkers can still participate.

If you want to improve your life and have fun doing it then please try a Tai Chi class in Traverse City. The premier martial arts studio in Traverse City, the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy has certified Tai Chi instructors and offers classes at its facility on 3 Mile Road as well as around the Traverse City community. Please call Seung-ni Today at 231-932-4300 or look them up on the web at