Ninja Warrior Birthday Party

A ninja warrior birthday party is a perfect idea for your child to celebrate his special day with friends and family. Traverse City kids ages 3 and up have been having a blast at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy where they put on an awesome ninja warrior birthday party. Agility, obstacles, challenges, fun -- those are just a few of the words to accurately describe the ninja warrior theme birthday parties that have been getting Traverse City children talking about the Seung-ni Academy. The birthday boy or girl get to compete against their best friends as they take on the fun ninja warrior obstacles.

The ninja warrior tv show is a hit. In Traverse City, Michigan it has become a phenomena. The Seung-ni Academy, located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan has captured all the hype of the popular ninja warrior show in its birthday party. Run by trained and patient black belt instructors the birthday parties leave the birthday child as well as their guests happy and excited.

Birthday party planning for Traverse City parents can be a big challenge and frustrating challenge. You want a party that is fun, affordable and engaging and just right for your age child. Then you should consider the Seung-ni Ninja Warrior Birthday Party. First, the party runs for 90 minutes and only costs $125.00, that is super reasonable. Second, the parties can be scheduled on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays with very flexible times. Third, the martial arts facility at the Seung-ni Academy is well appointed to host such an event -- with padded clean mats to run and play on and with locker rooms...its over 6,000 square feet of pure fun.

The ninja warrior parties goers will get to attempt and try to master the following fun events:

- The angled quintuple steps

- Balance beam

- Precision jumps

- Tunnels

- Agility rings

- Plyo hurdles

- Body Prop

- And tons more...

Traverse City birthday party ideas are pretty limited as many parents have realized over the years. And the neat thing at the Seung-ni Academy is that we also have 2 other available birthday party idea themes: 1) Nerf Battle Wars - where all the birthday party kids get to take part in a nerf gun battle with forts, the latest nerf guns and thousands of nerf darts and 2) Karate Kid - where your child gets to be the center of attention with his best friends and learn cool martial arts and even break a real wood board.

If you would like to learn more about the Ninja Warrior Birthday Party at the Seung-ni Academy or to reserve your child's party today just call 231.932.4300. Or check out the Seung-ni Traverse City Birthday Party page on its website at