Ninja Warrior -- New Traverse City Birthday Party Idea...

Maybe its time your son or daughter had the opportunity to try out the hottest new Traverse City Birthday Party Idea ... a Ninja Warrior Birthday Party! Kids in Traverse City have fallen in love with the Ninja Warrior television show. And, when its time for your child's next birthday party, why not let them and their friends enjoy the Ninja Warrior theme birthday party at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy. Let your son or daughter be the next Traverse City Ninja Warrior Birthday Kid!

The Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy, located conveniently on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City, Michigan has been hosting birthday parties for children as young as three years old for over 15 years. Since Seung-ni was founded in 2001 they have been putting on karate themed birthday parties for Traverse City kids. About 9 years ago, Nerf Gun Battle birthday parties were added and they have been a smash hit. And, just this year, Seung-ni has begun putting on Ninja Warrior birthday parties to great acclaim.

The Ninja Warrior Birthday Parties at Seung-ni have been great for moms and dads in Traverse City looking for that cool idea for their child. The Ninja Warrior parties include the following fun events and obstacles:

1. The Ninja Warrior Room is a 2,000 square foot, all padded room loaded with the highest tech martial arts training gear and equipment -- so the perfect place for your kid to impress his friends.

2. Vaulting - Learning how to jump and scale over obstacles is fun, a great workout and real life evasion skill training.

3. Balance - Wobbly, tipsy, unstable -- and the hallmarks of balance training will be challenged by our "Ninja walk"

4. Jumping - Birthday party guests have to jump over and onto a number of neat "child friendly" obstacles.

5. Speed - Can't be a ninja warrior unless you can be fast, and this is great way to positively channel all that extra energy.

6. Strength - Have to have tremendous power to be a real ninja warrior and we put that to the test through many fun and creative challenges.

7. Timed - And just like the Ninja Warrior tv show, our patient and encouraging black belt instructors will encourage fun competition to make it super realistic.

8. Fitness - The ninja warrior birthday parties help young Traverse City youths become empowered and instilled with the idea that fit is fun.

9. Ages - The ninja warrior theme is great for children ages 5 and up

If you are looking for what to do for your son or daugther's next birthday party and you live in Traverse City or in Northern Michigan then why don't you try a Ninja Warrior Birthday Party at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy. You do not have to be a member of the Seung-ni Studio to take advantage of our birthday parties. The Birthday Parties are 90 minutes long and cost $125.00 and can include up to 12 birthday part guests. If you would like to get more information or to schedule a birthday party today please call the Seung-ni Academy at 231.932.4300 or check them out on the web at