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Taekwondo is Great for Traverse City Teens.

Traverse City teens are in need of confidence and Taekwondo builds that! Traverse City teens need to learn about respecting themselves and their parents and Taekwondo instills that! Traverse City teen need more physical activity away from smart phones, computers and televisions, and Taekwondo does that! Traverse City teens should have strong self defense skills and Taekwondo teaches that! Taekwondo might just be the perfect hobby or pursuit for Traverse City Teenagers.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that builds a strong mind and strong body. Its emphasis is on character development, goal setting and achievement, self discipline, self defense and physical conditioning. Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world for these reasons. Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is offered to teenagers in the Traverse City area at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on 3 Mile Road. The Seung-ni Academy has been in Traverse City since 2001 has offers classes for students from ages 3 and up. But, one of its most widely sought programs is its Teen Taekwondo. Families in Traverse City for years have discovered how Taekwondo helps children of all ages and especially teens.

To be a teenager in Traverse City is as challenging as anywhere in the country. And, Taekwondo provides just that right extra amount of confidence, life skills and challenges to give teens that additional edge to be super successful. Taekwondo is so powerful for so many reasons:

1. Self defense - Taekwondo teaches Traverse City teens how to avoid violent confrontations. How to recognize threats and how to use proven martial art techniques to stop and nullify a physical attack. Great for Traverse City teens heading off to college soon, going to high school, starting jobs or traveling.

2. Confidence - Teens gain self esteem by setting, working towards and achieving goals. Taekwondo is the best martial art for building this confidence because of the organized belt system that allows teenage students small manageable goals that they can practice at and master.

3. Respect - Taekwondo instills the proper mindset that parents should be respected because they have sacrificed so much for their children. And, a teen in Traverse City is obliged to do as they are told and obey their parents even if it is difficult. The Black Belt Teachers at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City, always place special emphasis on parental respect when teaching the Teen Taekwondo class.

4. Fitness - Today's teens in general are far too inactive. Taekwondo class in great for cardio and strength fitness. The kicks, punches and blocks leave the teens in the class sweaty, balanced and ready to handle everyday day stress.

The Seung-ni Academy offers a free introductory program for teenagers in the Traverse City area that are interested in learning more about Taekwondo. Contact the Seung-ni Academy for more info or to schedule a free intro lesson call 231.932.4300.

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