Throw a Martial Arts Birthday Party For Your Child!

Every parent has done the typical birthday party themese for their child; bowling, arcade, tubing, pizza, sleepover. In Northern Michigan, the options for parties can be pretty limited even before the weather is factored. So what can a parent do to throw a birthday party that is unique and will have not only the kids but the parents talking about the party? Throw a Martial Arts themed party for your son or daughter at Seung-ni in Traverse City!

A Seung-ni birthday party is sure to be different that any other party your child or their friends has every attended! The partygoers will enter the gym with one of our black-belt instructors and begin with some simple warm-ups and basic techniques like a jab and front kick. Then these techniques are used in games! Kids will be kicking targets down the gym floor or seeing who can punch a paddle the hardest! Some activites may also be sparring with foam swords or throwwing suction cup throwwing stars! The party will end with the birthday boy/girl breaking their own real wood board!

Seung-ni parties are not only memorable but also convenient; you don't have to worry about setup or cleaning. One of our staff members will make sure tables and chairs are set up. When the party is over there's no need to worry about cleaning up anything; a Seung-ni staff member will take care of all cleanup as well! This leaves you free to focus all your attention on enjoying the party rather than cleaning up after it!

If you or someone you know is interested in having a birthday party hosted at Seung-ni of Traverse City feel free to contact us at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at