Seung-ni Nerf Parties Make Every Birthday Memorable!

Finding a birthday party for your child isn't always easy. Parents in Traverse City may find their birthday party options for their child limited by the seasons. However, Seung-ni of Traverse City offers options year-round for birthday parties and one of the best on is our awesome Nerf Battle party!

Kids want their party to be fun and parents want their kid's party to be memorable. With a Nerf Party you can have both! Northern Michigan winters limit party options; usually parents choose between tubing or bowling with a pizza party. Nobody else can offer a Nerf battle. With one of Seung-ni's gyms arranged into a battlefield and all party-goers are given a Nerf gun and plenty of ammo before engaging in an hour-long battle! At Nerf parties the kids always have a blast and even the parents will join in!

When you have your party at Seung-ni you also have the convenience of not having to set up the entire party. One of our staff members will have the Nerf battlefield ready and tables with chairs arranged as well. When the party is finished we'll even take care of the cleanup too! This lets you focus solely on having an awesome Nerf themed party with your child!

If you or someone you know is interesting in having a birthday party hosted in the Northern Michigan area please contact Seung-ni of Traverse City at (231) 932-4300 or visit us at