Birthday Party Ideas In Traverse City Made Easy...

Birthday party ideas in Traverse City just got made a lot easier for moms and dads struggling for something fun, different, affordable and memorable. Hey, Traverse City parents the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy has your birthday problem solved. How about a birthday party that your Traverse City birthday boy or birthday girl with simply love from start to finish.

Birthday parties should be low on stress and high on joy. The Traverse City Seung-ni Martial Arts School located on 3 Mile Road hosts birthday parties for children ages 3 and up. They offer two themes so you can't go wrong. One birthday party option is the Karate Theme. And, the other Birthday option is the Nerf Gun Battle. Seung-ni schedules the parties at its Traverse City location on weekdays, weekends or evenings.

Karate Theme Birthday Party: In this high energy party format kids get to have a blast. The black belt instructors will teach the children how to kick, punch and do cool karate moves all in a safe and patient environment. Karate agility courses, sword fighting and exciting Karate skill games like the belt of doom and Karate Pinball will sure to be a hit among the birthday guests. The black belt instructors also take the time to instill valuable life skills like discipline, courtesy, self control and confidence. The birthday child will be the center of attention and get to demonstrate all the sweet karate moves to his or her friends and will also get to break a real wood board signed by all their friends.

Nerf Gun Battle: Just like the name sounds -- this Traverse City birthday party will be the hit of all the kids. The birthday guests will be greeted with an all padded 2,000 square foot gym that is set up like a mock battle field. Tunnels, barriers, forts, etc, litter the landscape of the birthday party setup. All the kids get official nerf velcro vests, nerf safey goggles and a nerf battle blaster. With tons of different fun guns and thousands of darts -- the kids will have a blast as they aim at and shoot their buddies. Safety and fun is the black belt leaders main mission in running a great party for all the Traverse City birthday guests.

Traverse City Birthday Party ideas are few to begin with. But, the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City has made it a whole lot easier to have a winning birthday party for their kids. To reserve a Karate or Nerf Gun Battle birthday party call the Traverse City Seung-ni studio at 231-932-4300. You can also check out info on their website at The Traverse City birthday parties at Seung-ni are 90 minutes long and cost $125.00.