Find The Perfect Traverse City Birthday Party Idea For Your Boy Or Girl

Traverse City Birthday Party Ideas

In Traverse City, Michigan parents are constantly looking for ideas for their son or daughter to have a fantastic birthday party. But, after a few years the new birthday party ideas are hard to come by. You want a birthday party for you child that is fun, exciting, easy and affordable. You want a Traverse City area Birthday Day party that will have your kid and his or her guests saying "this is the best birthday party ever..." You want a birthday party that as soon as it is over your son or daughter is already asking "mom can i have the same birthday party next year." You want a Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy Nerf Battle Party for your child!

Traverse City Kids Will Love Our Nerf Birthday Parties

Our patient karate black belt instructors set up our 2,000 square foot all padded training room like a battlefield right out of your kid's imagination. Bags to hide behind, tunnels and forts to sneak up on the enemy and more than 1,000 nerf darts so they never run out of ammunition. The Traverse City Birthday child and all his or her guests will be outfitted with velcro chest target vests, official Nerf Battle safety glasses and one of our latest Nerf guns. The kids play Nerf battles for 60 minutes of pure fun. Some boys and girls in Traverse City have their birthday parties at Seung-ni every year because it is so much pure fun. They will play lots of different games like sharpshooter, last warrior standing and Nerf sniper! Traverse City moms and dads are so glad they chose Seung-ni for their child's birthday party.

Easy, Easy, Easy ... A Birthday Party That Any Traverse City Parent Would Appreciate

The 90 minute birthday parties are the easist party you will ever host in Traverse City. The first 60 minutes of fun is run completely by the Seung-ni Karate Staff. The last 30 minutes consists of snacks, cake and opening presents. The lobby is yours and you can decorate or not. And, just bring in some fun food for the birthday guests and that is it. No kids tearing up your house, no broken vases, no dirty party mess to clean. And, the birthday party only costs $125.00.

To schedule your son or daughters birthday party at the Seung-ni Academy in Traverse City call them at 231.932-4300 or check out their website at