Traverse City Birthday Party Ideas - Why A Martial Arts Or Nerf Battle Party May Be Your Answer

Traverse City Birthday Boy Having A Blast

It is Saturday afternoon at the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy located on 3 Mile Road in Traverse City Michigan. The lobby is bustling with young birthday party guests who have just got dropped off by their parents and are excited for the fun to start. The birthday party is for a six year old boy named Jake who attends the Little Dragons martial arts classes at Seung-ni. Last year Jake also had his birthday party at the Traverse City martial arts school and the theme was karate kid. His dozen or so friends had done martial arts relay races, sword fighting, board breaking, kicking games and agility courses. Jake wore his cool martial arts uniform and was the center of attention getting to show all his friends his karate moves and favorite games. He loved his previous party so much, he had to have this years party at Seung-ni as well - but this year he opted for the Nerf Battle theme.

Traverse City Birthday Party Options

As a parent in Traverse City you are well aware of the lack of options for birthday parties. At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy - Traverse City parents are excited to learn that their young sons and daughters can have a great and affordable party that is fun and different. Seung-ni has been hosting birthday parties successfully for years. The parties are for children ages 3 and up. The Seung-ni Academy offers three themes.

  • First, is a Martial Arts theme where the birthday boy or girl is the top karate kid for the day. The Traverse City kids will literally get a kick out of the fun karate games, drills and lessons taught by the Seung-ni black belt instructors who host the parties. The birthday boy or girl will even get to break a couple of real wood boards at the end to amaze their guests and makes a wonderful souvenir.

  • Second, the Nerf Gun Battle is one of Seung-ni's most popular birthday themes. The 2,000 sq. foot all padded gym is set up like a mock battle scene - with bags, pads and mats to build forts and hide behind. Seung-ni has over 30 different style of machine and pistol nerf guns and thousands of velcro tipped nerf darts. All the guests get velcro vests and safey googles (parent do not have to bring anything at all) along with a nerf gun of their choice and can battle with their buddies.

  • Third, the older kids really dig the Dodge Ball parties. With the perfect size gym and super safe flooring and balls the children play various games of dodge ball against their friends.

Why Traverse City Parents Really Like The Seung-ni Birthday Parties

Seung-ni hosts two to three birthday parties every week for Traverse City area families. Some of the birthday kids are students of the Seung-ni Academy but many are just Traverse City area families that have heard about it from a friend or co-worker and glad they did.

  • "It was so nice to be able to show up, let Master Kyle handle the party and then leave without having to deal with the mess and chaos of eleven 4th grade boys if it had been at my own house." Claire, H. (Traverse City)

  • "Brent and his buddies really liked the Nerf Party. We will definitely be back again next year." Todd, M. (Grawn)

  • "Anna has really enjoyed being a Little Ninja and her grand parents loved watching her do her karate skills with all her girl friends at her party. Me and her father like how even at the party the Seung-ni instructors made time to teach the kids about obeying their parents and not whinning. A big thumbs up from us." Michelle, Y (Williamsburg)

  • "Not only was the birthday party a big smash hit for my son William, but the party was only $125.00 - very affordable and a great change of pace from our last two parties." Sandra, D. (Traverse City)

  • "Jackson had to have his party at Seung-ni. That is all he talked about after going to his other friends party there about six months ago. He chose the nerf party and felt so cool getting the special birthday kid nerf machine gun. Jackson is in the Child Taekwondo Classes at Seung-ni and we are very pleased with how much personal attention he gets. What a find for us." Margaret and Thom, G. (Suttons Bay)

How To Schedule A Birthday Party At Seung-ni For Your Son Or Daughter

If you would like to learn more about the party options or to schedule a party for your child just call the Traverse City Seung-ni Academy at 231-932-4300. The parties are generally scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays - but mid week options are also available. The birthday parties are 90 minutes long and cost $125.00. Although a few more is ok - around 12 guests seems to be a perfect number so that everyone can have fun.