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Building Confidence, Respect & Focus: How To Be A Black Belt Parent

Parents in Traverse City, Michigan are just like moms and dads everywhere. They want their children to grow up and be responsible, caring & confident individuals. They want them to be able to handle peer pressure, stand up to bullying, be self-starters when it comes to homework and be respectful when asked to do something. Often, however, these wishes never come to fruition but are lost in arguing and frustrated moments as a parent. Using the principles of martial arts can make all the difference in this kumite match. “Black belt parenting” is raising your own children the same way a Taekwondo master, Karate sensei or Kung fu shifu would teach them. It has been working successfully for thousands of years – so it will probably work for you.

At the Seung-ni Martial Arts Academy in Traverse City (located in northern Michigan), where I instruct, I see the young students make remarkable transformations from the martial arts training. But, truth be told they are only on the floor working on their kicks, punches, forms and sparring a mere 2 – 3 hours a week. In speaking with the parents of my students – it is those moms and dads who begin to implement martial art techniques into their parenting as well that see the most positive changes. And the best thing it is relatively easy to become a “black belt parent.” The tools are simple, you just have to be consistent in your implementation to find success:

1.“Taekwondo Single Request” – You only ask your child once to do something. Never repeat yourself a 2nd and 3rd time. By repeating … you just undermined your owned words and took power from them. If they do not listen the first time then you go to them, make eye contact and then say “I already asked you to turn off the tv and get ready for bed, I will not ask again” and then assist them in initiating the request. So, Rule #1 - black belt parents do not repeat themselves.

2.“Karate War Strategy” – Pick your battles, much like the famous general Sun Tzu. Do not bring up issues and topics with your child unless you are ready to stop everything you are doing to see it to the end. Kids are like ninjas they will be abl