August 21, 2019

  "Am i too old to start martial arts?" This is one of the most commonly asked questions people in their 60's all the way down to early 20's and even teenagers ask. The answer is no. You are never too old to start training in the martial arts. Most reputable schools sh...

April 26, 2019

Social media is constant and martial arts may be the answer to helping you unplug from the daily stress of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Social media never seems to end. From our smart phones, I pads and computers we are constantly being bombarded.  This inordina...

Although taekwondo has a plethora of mental benefits, it also provides a wide variety of physical skills which can help improve performance in other aspects of life. At seungni martial arts a huge amount of time is dedicated to making every student not only a more disc...

January 8, 2018


     Taekwondo creates balance in many areas of life.  The study of Taekwondo fosters harmony and helps to restore energy in the martial artist.  Those who practice Taekwondo find that the daily physical and mental training provides a unique avenue to fi...

November 11, 2016

The Samurai were the warrior elite class that helped feudal Japan keep law and order for 100's of years.   The code of the Samurai was simple and pure.  Their lifestyle can offer much to the modern adult who seeking to find balance in today's chaotic existence.  Adult...

November 21, 2015

Traverse City martial arts has been helping children, teenagers and adults find and maintain balance.  Balance is so important yet so hard to attain.  Elusive and hard to keep, balance is the by product of martial arts training that is probably the least discussed but...

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4 Quick Tips To Get Karate Belt Level Flexibility -- Fast!

March 8, 2019

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December 6, 2019

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